How do you pack up the last 20 years of your life and prepare to leave the home you have raised your beautiful family in?  You celebrate with a portrait session that captures the love and the memories you’ve made as a family.   It was time to capture the facets of farm life that have been most important to the Corbett’s over the last 20 years. 


For Erica that was without a doubt her horses.  She’s the equestrian in
the family and has recently purchased her own home where she will be
taking her horses.  It’s time for her to spread her wings and fly.  Her
sleeves are rolled up for the renovation work she’s preparing to do,
with her Dad by her side, to make her house a home.   Her excitement is


For Allison, that means time in her jeep and time with her beloved cat Cho-cho. 
The Corbetts are animal lovers and it seemed just when I least expected
it a cat would meander by quietly checking out what was going on with
our portrait work!  


For Brooke, that means time on her trampoline trying out new tricks.  She’s still waiting on some lessons from her big sister on perfecting her flip.   Brooke closes her days at the farm with a big bowl of chocolate ice cream….I’m pretty sure that’s a farm life tradition that will easily transport to your next home! 

For Linda and Russel that means coming along side their girls to cheer them on through this life.  They are ready to downsize from the work of caring for a farm, however, something tells me that Russel will still enjoy his time on his tractor at Erica’s farm!   



I wish you all the best in your new home…make another lifetime of memories which will more than likely include the next generation of Corbett girls in a few years!   




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  2. Rebecca Moreland says:

    Oh my gosh. All these pictures are beautiful!! I have the prettiest family ever!

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