Self Portraiture

It was one of those kind of days that involved everything lack luster about owning a portrait business…taxes to be paid, payroll to run, insurance bills, equipment repair, software updates, book keeping, and to quote a popular song ‘and it goes on and on and on—I throw my hands up in the air sometimes….’  So I knew I needed to tackle the mountain of work but several hours into it I stopped and said, ‘what about the creating!’  That’s what I love!  Course loving to create portraits and owning a business that creates portraits are two entirely different things.  So, the artist in me packed up the business woman in me for a little while and set about to create a self portrait with the goal of expressing the artist in me.  I wanted several different feels from one fast set up…and by fast i mean, I knew I wanted a feeling of antiquity to the portrait—perfect, takes 15 seconds to pull my hair up!    Since I am frequently not in photographs surrounding the events of my life, as I am recording them, this is my chance to make sure there’s some record of me that get the same attention I give to portraits I create for everyone else….I hope to do this again in the future! 

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