Delaney brought her Mom and Dad to my studio to celebrate her first birthday in a fabulous portrait session.   Casey and Matt are so in love with this little girl, I just couldn’t help but smile throughout the whole session.  Typically one year old portrait sessions last about 45 minutes and then baby has had enough and let’s us know, and and we call it a wrap.  Delaney though brought animation and fun to our entire session time and brought more adorable facial expressions than I’ve ever seen in a one year old.

Running my portrait business on a high-touch on client care model allows me flexibility in scheduling my clients without anyone else waiting in the wings for their turn.  It also allows precious little ones like this to be able to finish their nap and awake happy (even if that means a 20 minute delay of the session start time which I choose for a happy baby.)   When deciding whether to have high volume or high care re my clients, all the frustration/horror stories of moms being turned away from portrait sessions because they were 15 minutes late or waiting in waiting rooms for an hour through multiple melt downs made the decision an easy one for me.   These are portrait sessions that everyone gets to enjoy!


Typically I forgo shoes in portrait sessions with babies because I want to see those adorable tooties, but when mom brings a sweet pair of Stuart Weitzman’s I make an exception!  Our passion for fabulous shoes can never start too early! 😉 

Here’s a little peak at the many adorable faces of Delaney!


Delaney saw herself in this mirror on her way out of the studio…she became sooo interested because she thought it was a friend to play with…sweet little moment!  

Happy Birthday sweet girl!  I pray you continue to crack everyone up with your priceless expressions and the joy you bring to daily life!   

  1. Jobi Duke says:

    Love this precious family!! Beautiful pictures Jen!

  2. Casey Greenstreet says:

    Thank you so much for the capturing such a special time in our lives, so beautifully. You perfectly documented every ounce of our sassy, spunky, fun-loving, sweet little girl and we will forever treasure these photos. I know when my memory starts to fail me, I can just pull out these pictures and they will take me right back to that day – for that, I am so, so grateful. Again, thank you!

  3. Jennifer DiDio says:

    What a treasure your sweet family is and this collection of memories is icing on top! I see you and Matt in your rockers, grey and reminiscing over these 50 years from now with very wide smiles even all that time later!
    jennifer 😉

  4. Jennifer DiDio says:

    thank you Jobi—i’m pretty sure Casey is going to have you by her with a bowl of popcorn and a box of tissues to see their sweet slideshow when you are in town! 😉

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