I met up with Ivy, Tim and Gavin on their family farm for this gorgeous portrait session.  Home is where our memories are made and where our hearts are drawn back to through life, so what better place to capture those memories for portraits! 

This is the place the Gifford’s come to refresh and rejoice in God’s abundant blessing in their life.  Sunday afternoons are spent picnicking, fishing and sharing a cold one with family and friends.  What a perfect capstone and well deserved break from the completed work week.  In this portrait the Gifford’s are overlooking the 10 acre lot that they have plans to one day build their dream home on.   Tim has creative architectural design ideas that will personalize their home.  I forsee many, many years of wonderful memories made at this pond.

Thank you Tim for not actually throwing Gavin in!   (although I’m sure it would have been a hoot!)

Ivy and Tim are celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary, which is cause for celebration!   They are very aware of the Lord’s providential care to bring them to this point and thank Him for making this day possible. 

Can I just say, I have the best clients in the world!  When Ivy mentioned she and Tim were celebrating their 10 year anniversary I planted the seed for her to bring back out her wedding dress.   She told me it had rained and was very hot and muggy on her wedding day.  Her portraits were less than memorable.   She figured the dress would be in no condition for portraits. 

The focus, however, is not really the dress.  The focus is how the dress made you feel.  The love that you celebrated on that special day.  The princess moment as little girls we dreamed about….yes, romantic and sappy, I know.  Ivy brought out her dress, fairly convinced it would not work to use it but thought maybe she and Tim could lay on it.  We made it work and this portrait above…shut the door!  G O R G E O U S !!  Now you have romantic portraits, minus the stress, rain and humidity of your wedding day!   May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face always shine upon you! 

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