Amanda’s Cinderella Unveiled!

Happy Mother’s Day surprise!!  Amanda’s husband Brian, knowing her absolute passion for all things portraiture, surprised her with a Couture session to Unveil her Cinderella!  She was so excited to do this to celebrate the clean eating/healthier lifestyle she’s adopted as a lifestyle for months. 

Couture implies high fashion and it’s the theme for all Jennifer DiDio Photography glamour portraiture for women.  I launched this Couture line of portraiture in February and offer three styles of Couture portraits:  Couture Couture sessions involve designing an outfit onto the client, which is what you see in Amanda’s mermaid style dress above.  The client brings a corset and we design from there!  Couture Glamour involves the client bringing her own fabulous outfits to be photographed in.  Some clients bring out their wedding dresses for un-rushed gorgeous portraits that didn’t happen on their wedding day.  Lastly, Couture Boudoir are sultry images to celebrate the fearlessly feminine side.   

After her Couture experience, Amanda posted this treasured feedback re her experience: 

“Having pictures done by Jennifer is an amazing experience. Not only are
the pictures beautiful pieces of art that you will cherish for a
lifetime, but the experience of getting the pictures done is
outstanding.  Jennifer never makes you feel
rushed. She makes you feel like you are the center of her world right
then. ALL focus is on you and making your and her vision come true. 
However, I will say, her vision is well beyond what most people ever can
imagine.  So, if she says “stand here” “do this”, DO IT, it will be
amazing even if you can’t picture it in your own mind or even if you
think it may make you look funny.  I promise you, she can see things
that most of us can’t 🙂  She knows how to make a woman feel beautiful
and cherished.  I believe that every woman should experience the couture
packages that she offers (“Unveil your Cinderella”).  It is worth
saving the money and investing the time to get these done.  You will
never regret it.  Jennifer has a gift
that very few people have.  I am
happy that she has shared her gift with me.”

Amanda and I are in love with these big sweeping landscape scenes with her in Couture.  My only hesitation with ever posting these images is they just do not hold nearly the full sweeping beauty they possess when viewed small on line.   They absolutely need to seen large for full impact.  However, you can get a tiny taste of their gorgeousness here.  Here’s to creating art from life with beautiful moms everywhere! 

As a side note, after just about every Couture blog I get inquiries from models re their interest in being photographed, tfp (time for prints).  I think my rockin’ moms are mistaken for models—LOVE IT!!  That’s Cinderella Unveiled!!!  😉

  1. Tasha Costley says:

    Absolutely stunning!

  2. Amanda says:

    🙂 Thank you, Jennifer. I love every one of them and I loved the entire experience!!!

  3. Nicole Hunsicker says:

    G O R G E O U S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amanda, you are so stunning!!! Combined with Jennifer’s ridiculously amazing art… this is perfection!!!! L O V E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jennifer DiDio says:

    art from life!!!! Amanda cracked me up and I loved how she trusted my vision and went with it even when she thought i was crazy!! Gorgeous—you said it Nicole!!!! 😉

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