Wimmer’s Horse Love

To say that the Wimmer’s love their horses and donkeys would be an understatement (which also explains why this blog is longer than normal).  Lynn has mentioned several times over the last year she wanted me to capture Abby and Becca as the little equestrians they have become.    It makes her horse loving heart so happy to see that her sweet girls have taken on her equine love.   The girls are in regular competitions and are proud of their growing accomplishments in the arena.

When Lynn sees this, she immediately sees how beautiful Tia, her racking mare is.  However, I see a beautiful woman in love with her horse radiating that joy. 

I mentioned this session had been in discussion for about a year.  Well, all the stars finally
aligned for it to happen!  Lynn had a clear vision for this session—it
was all about the horses.   When I arrived, Bob was giving his donkey
Daisy a bath.    And you thought getting kids presentable for portraits
was a lot of work!  The Wimmer’s had an animal for each family member to get
portrait ready. 

Becca has her eyes set on the prize.  For her that prize involves one day being an Olympic horse rider.  When she speaks of it there’s an air of determination and seriousness that makes me think–look for her to be standing on a platform surrounded by rings one day.

Abby is a Western rider.  She’s got all kinds of tricks up her sleeve and even cajoled her horse into wearing her hat for a few minutes!  Her determination on the mug shuffle was just as apparent.  These two girls will spur one another on into many good times and challenges on their horses. 

Be still my heart.  Slow down on this iconic portrait of Becca and Raven.  Can’t say enough how much this one stops me in my tracks.  One of Becca’s claims to fame is her ability to be able to do this standing trick on Raven and he cooperates fully.  Something about this portrait draws me in and I have yet to put my finger on it.  There’s a timeless appeal to it…

If this portrait doesn’t epitomize Lynn’s love of horses and specifically her cherished Tia, I don’t know what does.  Lynn was that girl you sat next to in middle school whose folder was always covered in horse drawings.  She was that little girl who dreamed of one day caring for animals when she was big.  However, Lynn didn’t end with dreaming.  She did take her love of animals and turned it into a career.  She is the owner and head veterinarian at Carroll County Veterinary Clinic across from McDonald’s on 140 in Westminster.  She wears her heart on a sleeve when it comes to caring for the animals her clients entrust to her.   Her farm has become home to many, many rescued animals over the years because she just doesn’t give up on animals.

Lynn’s girls have encouraged her to begin working on jumps as well.   However, finding time with her and Bob’s busy careers, plus caring for the farm takes precedence.   Lately though, she has been able to devote a little more time to riding lately.  She she has some big goals ahead of her to reach towards, right along side her girls!  Lynn’s already talking about future portrait sessions as the girls are older…can’t wait to see what these girls will be doing years from now! 

Absolute JOY!  Gidget wanted her turn to jump! 

Happy trails Wimmers!  May you continue to share many wonderful memories together on your horse farm!  

  1. Amy stamm pitrone says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful!!!

  2. Jennifer DiDio says:

    thank you Amy! i am pretty excited about these portraits as well! Looking forward to your session this fall which will be here before you know it! 😉

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