JDP senior Meghan

Jennifer DiDio Photography blog followers may recognize this beauty from a mother daughter Couture session that appeared over the winter.  Meghan, her sister Ali and her mom Laurie were my maiden mother daughter Couture session when I launched that line for women this winter.   Meghan returned for her senior portrait session and I couldn’t have been more thrilled!




Meghan embodies a natural ease and grace to her.  She was undaunted by the 100 degree day we were shooting in and performed like a pro throughout her whole session! 



I like to joke when we are out in the field, ‘this is not your grandmother’s portrait session!’  Usually spoken when I’m maneuvering myself into some crazy spot to create the vision for the image I see in my head.  It’s so awesome that my clients trust my vision and are excited to create a bit more editorial feel to their portraits.  I love creating a super-model experience for the everyday girl!







Meghan was no exception and said she had a blast and could have kept going all day!  Mind you, it was almost 100 degrees that day but you would never know it from looking at her gorgeousness! 




I love photographing in the downtown area and we certainly turn more than a few heads when we do so!  There’s also a fair amount of bottle necking as curious on-lookers wonder who the movie star is being followed by her paparazzi! 


One of the coolest parts about this session was the View and Choose time because we had 3 generations of women together sitting at the table & via Facetime to share in the coolness we captured of Meghan. 

Meghan as you prepare to spread your wings to fly may you always reach for the stars and always remember how dearly you are loved by your family! 

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