Wedding Day Favorites

Shoo, little did I realize how difficult it would be to narrow down from a full day of wedding day celebrations!  I know there are many, many people looking forward to seeing Shannon and Justin’s wedding blog.  For those who would like a cliff notes summary of my favorite images from the day, this blog is for you.  For those who want to see representative coverage with the story of the entire day, that blog will appear with many more images and story later tonight. 😉


  1. Kim Zinkand says:

    These pictures are Beautiful.

  2. Hope Carpenter says:


  3. Shelly Boone says:

    Wow, just wow! Jen you are amazing, these pictures are amazing! Takes my breath away

  4. Jan Stambaugh says:

    Jennifer, you truly captured the hearts, souls and love throughout your shots!!! Thank you for taking us back to relive Shannon & Justin’s wedding day!!

  5. Jennifer DiDio says:

    thank you ladies! shannon and justin certainly planned a beautiful day!! 😉

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