Fall portrait time with the Pitrones!  Amy had her spot reserved many months ago.  Her girls are growing in their adorableness and mom knows these images will melt her heart for many, many years to come!


When I pulled up to the Pitrones home I wasn’t sure I was at the right house, until I heard a gaggle of excited squeals.  I knew I was in the right place!  Libby and Kate were very curious about all my supplies and even helped me to pack up my car when we were done! 



I had all the girls go play with dad outside to take 2 minutes to create a beautiful headshot with mom.  Amy spends so much of her day caring for her girls which equates to her not being in the photos and rarely a moment to herself.  I love this portrait of her watching her girls out the window…


The first time I met the Pitrones was in studio for a newborn session, then last year at grandparents farm.  This year was at their home and their dear Oscar was a part for the first time.  Oscar was with Amy and Pat from the beginning, 10 years!  Long before the girls entered their life, so he has a special place in their heart. 


Pat spends a lot of time on his yard = gorgeous bay of flowers I knew we had to pull into our portrait time together! 

May your year ahead be filled with much laughter and blessing!  😉


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