Plus 1


About this time last year blog followers may remember a stunning bride and groom who wanted to celebrate their wedding day romance in a private portrait session after the rush of the wedding day was over.   Rob and Amy’s wedding day was in Amy’s home town city, Chicago.  Several weeks after her wedding day, Amy commissioned me to capture their love through my lens in the pastoral setting of Carroll County where she works.   Well, one year later and it’s time for celebration again, this time to add plus one to the Whaley family! 



One of the coolest parts about owning a portrait business is stepping into the lives of so many of my clients over and over again to celebrate their milestones!   Clients entrust me to capture what they hold most dear in this life and record it as a part of their family legacy.  I am honored by that and take very seriously a commitment of excellence from A-Z that is building this loyalty.


Love that we are telling their love story tagging into the bridal portraits from last year! 



We eagerly await the arrival of Amy & Rob’s precious one very soon!!  Their baby will likely be the first newborn in my new studio space—moving today (yes, i am crazy!)! 

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