You know that feeling when there’s one more spot to be filled in your life and time passes, but the feeling doesn’t go away?   That’s the feeling Nikki had when she considered if her and Sam’s family was complete with their three much loved sons.   



The Koch household is a home of boys in every sense of the word.   The “no balls allowed in the house” rule that’s so common in most homes, was never even a consideration in theirs.  When your dad is a Raven it helps to make the case that balls are inside toys just as much as outisde!  When our 6 boys play there are footballs and soccer balls flying in all directions and none of the adults bat an eye!   Wrestling is also top on the ‘to do’ list between these boys!



So when Nikki broke the news that she was expecting, there was cause for great celebration.  She hoped for a healthy baby and would have been delighted with a boy or a girl.  Nikki was thankful to be able to share her news with her dear Gram who was a mother to her growing up, just before she passed away last winter.  Gram had made blankets for all the family members over the years and Nikki was a little sad to think that Gianna would not have her own special blanket from Gram. 



Little did she know that this pink blanket would be uncovered as Gram’s house was being packed up!   Seems as though Gram knew Nikki would have a girl long before anyone else did!  


Nikki’s delivery was a bit of wild ride because Sam was with the team and missed her call to announce she was in labor.  Sam was able to make it to the hospital in time, in the middle of the night, thankfully!  He returned to the team hotel and then went on to play a great game, albeit a bit sleep deprived, later that day! 

When I received Nikki’s text from the hospital, “I’m feeling beyond blessed!!!  She has completed us!!” I smiled wide knowing this baby was an answer to many prayers over the last few years. 



So when your life has been full of all things boy for so many years, it’s time to pull out all the pink ruffly tutus and feathers you can find!  This precious ensemble was a gift Nikki adored and she fell in love with her sweet pea in baby Couture! 😉



Baby Gianna won’t have the memories her brother’s have of Daddy’s awesome contributions to the Ravens Superbowl Victory last year; but she will always have her portrait sleeping peacefully on Daddy’s Superbowl football and with his ring! 




Baby Gia, I know you are already well aware of the love that surrounds you.  The smiles on the faces of your family when they see you, kiss you, snuggle you, read to you, feed you and calm you all speaks so clearly of their love for you!  You are one blessed little girl and an answer to many prayers!  May God’s face shine upon you and bless each path you choose through this life dear one! 


In closing, I think this is a precious reminder for every mom who loves her kids and wonders if she’s doing this overwhelming task of being a mother correctly!   Nikki’s bracelet: 


  1. Holly says:

    A beautiful family and such a beautiful addition to it! Beautiful work as usual Jennifer!

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