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Remember that beautiful couple who celebrated their love in a post-wedding Bridal Couture shoot two years ago?   Rob and Amy shined in the pastoral setting of Carroll County.  The rush of the wedding day often does not allow for the enjoyment of all the effort that went into planning the day.  So some brides come back to have portraits taken after their wedding, when they can slow down and celebrate the love that fueled the nuptial since the beginning.  Well, we all know what the celebration of wedding day love creates! 

The shoot was stunning and in particular we created a piece we have all agreed harkens back to a Gone With the Wind .  So, how fitting to incorporate that into their brand new baby Stella’s newborn portrait session!  Bridal Couture blogAmy’s maternity blog.


Stella was a joy to photograph and this smile has earned her what may be her first nick name, little Cindy Lou Who! 😉


Amy and Rob were adorable as they introduced me to Stella.  They can’t get over this beautiful little baby they are responsible for bringing into the world.  Amy said,  ‘now we get what all the fuss is about!  We can’t believe she’s ours!’ 

Stella was peaceful throughout our entire time together, which is not to say she did not cause a little chaos.  Daddy affectionately named what she did repeatedly, on everyone involved in the shoot, a ‘pooptastrophy’.  I always warn parents at the start of our session, ‘when the baby poos or pees and you are holding them, just hold them out away from you and let them go on the floor.  It’s much easier to clean the wood floor than your clothes.’  Let’s just say Stella had shoot power to her! 


Amy also wanted to incorporate her wedding veil into Stella’s portrait session…precious to see the wedding day carrying over into the birth of their new baby! 


May this sweet little family grow to know the joys that only a mother and father’s heart can know! 😉

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