Amanda and Jason are over the moon to announce that their little sweet pea Sarah now has a baby brother.  Sarah couldn’t be more excited as well!  Although she’s only a year and a half herself, she’s been busy practicing with her baby dolls to welcome her baby brother! 


Sarah’s proving to be a big helper to Mommy already as she’s taken an interest in helping to turn over laundry!  And as every mom knows–that will be an invaluable source of help for many, many years to come! 



Stephen is certainly welcomed into this family with abundant love.  He’s got an Aunt Lisa who is just waiting to snuggle him to pieces!   His dad is envisioning sharing his love of the outdoors just as soon as he’s big enough! 



Grandmom made this beautiful camo hat and blanket above to welcome Stephen.  How perfect that Stephen smiled while snuggled in his new favorite blanket!  In fact, he’s the smiliest newborn I’ve had in a long time! 

I’m so in love with Amanda’s maternal portrait above…there’s something so beautiful about a woman connected to the life that she grew and is now here to cherish!  I wish your family all the best as you seek to raise your children to love the Lord and know HIm through this life!


  1. Julie says:

    These pictures are amazing! Beautiful work as always, Jennifer! Amanda, you look radiant! Xo

  2. Jennifer DiDio says:

    thank you for your kind words julie! she’s glowing, isn’t she!? 😉

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