Cru 3.0


Cru, that adorable little newborn from a few months ago—well, he’s back for his 3 month portraits!  I recently started a milestone marker program for my newborn clients.  Clients were requesting a baby plan, so Cru is the inaugural baby to kick it off!

Cru could not have been a happier little boy throughout his session.  I mean seriously, his smile is just too precious! 

We decided to incorporate the basket we photographed him in as a newborn and hope to incorporate it into his 6 month session and one year as well!  Something tells me it will likely be on top of his head by his first birthday! 

Cru’s biggest sister Amelia has been teaching him some of her favorite animated expressions!  I’ve seen photos of Amelia making this exact face so I about died when I saw him do this during his portrait time! 

Cru worked hard for us for his portraits, so how perfect to end with snuggle time with Momma….I have been loving creating maternal portraits lately…these are the kinds of portraits that will mean so much to Cru and Momma as everyone gets older!   The third one in the above series I created a light oil painting effect, channeling my Mary Cassat! 😉

Momma brought Cru’s little suit to incorporate into his session…this hard little working man was whopped which allowed for these precious sleeping with sock monkey portraits!  See you at 6 months Cru!  Can’t wait! 😉

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