Lil Goodfellas…or Three Stooges

There’s an expression about the shoe maker’s children not having shoes…well, the same can easily happen to photographers.  Running a portrait business keeps a photographer so busy with client work, it’s easy to forget about keeping up with your own personal portraits. 

My wheels starting spinning on creating a more formal portrait of my boys.  Anyone who knows them, knows they consider a shirt with a button or collar to be ‘dressing up’.  They are in shorts and t-shirts year round.  They had never even worn suits before! 

I knew the idea of them in suits would go over like a lead balloon, but after much resistance, they bought into the idea.  They knew I wanted to create a formal collection for our living room.  I knew it would not be without their usual antics, so I rolled  with it. 

There’s been a hot debate in our home re which of these would make it into the display of (6) I am creating.  They like their formal GQ look, but they also love what they say reminds them of being the Three Stooges! 

Their usual antics combined with some GQ moments tell the story of who they are as not so little boys anymore…young gentlemen in the making!  When I see them together they are still full of little boy silliness.  Individually though,  I see the cool young men they are becoming.  That’s a pretty cool feeling for a mom.  So, these were my portraits to remember this transitioning time for these difference makers who I’m quite certain will leave a big mark wherever they go!   Visitors will see a display of the 6 that win out in our home in a few weeks! 😉

  1. Mindy D says:

    Oh my gosh…..I cannot get over how much they have grown in the past year!!! Young men…

  2. Kristen says:

    I love these pictures Jennifer! I just had to laugh at some of them. Such perfect moments! You are such a gifted photographer!

    • Jennifer DiDio says:

      thank you kristen! it truly is just such a reflection of so many sides of their personalities! will be a treasure for many years to come!! 😉