Amanda + Jason

One of my favorite things about this portrait business is following wonderful clients who quickly become friends, through celebrating the joyous stages of their lives.  I met Amanda and Jason 3 years ago for engagement portraits.  They were a hoot and we had a blast recreating their engagement to the honking horns around us as passerbyers celebrated their engagement re-creation with us.  It was like a movie set!

Next, I created stunning portraits for Amanda to surprise Jason as a wedding gift.   Well, a few years have passed and as you can see Amanda and Jason are back to celebrate the next stage of their young married lives as they welcome their first child, a baby girl. 

I loved that Amanda and Jason coordinated their black and white together to create this stylized shoot.  They look like a People magazine cover story for a Hollywood couple (minus all the dysfunction)!   

Amanda and Jason are so excited to welcome their baby girl!  Amanda is loving being pregnant and wants this stage of life to continue as long as possible!   She’s in love with feeling the movement of the life she and Jason created growing inside of her!   In fact, I warned Jason he may have to carry her into the hospital when this labor starts as she may be in denial that her maternity phase has drawn to a close.   I can’t wait to hear all about this baby girl’s entrance and meet her for her newborn portraits very soon!

  1. Amanda says:

    Seriously, Jen. The tears are flowing! Thank you for preserving such a wonderful time in my life. As always, you nailed exactly how I feel!

  2. Dee Anne says:

    Wow!!!!! How beautiful!

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