Gianna 3.0

Gianna joined me to celebrate her 3-month milestone marker in studio with her Momma and Daddy.   She’s full of curiosity and smiles and just plain adorableness!  Daddy’s in the off season now so he’s soaking in more time with his two favorite girls and his three sons, although training to prepare for his 9th year with the Ravens has no off season to it. 

Momma is still soaking in all things pink as her once tiny newborn is bursting off the charts in growth.  Nikki is just amazed at the changes she’s seen already in her little girl and waits expectantly to see what each new day brings with Gianna.   She and daddy have been busy refinishing a high chair a dear friend passed on to her, adding a few personal touches in pink of course!  They are also working on customizing some of her nursery furniture.

Gianna’s big brothers are her biggest cheer leaders and chief entertainers.  They are eager to hold her, play with her and make her smile.  She’s just as eager to watch their constant flurry of motion around her.  Something tells me she’ll never be bored!  She’s so clearly loved and smiles so easily for her momma and daddy!  Can’t wait to see what the next 3 months brings to this dear one! 

Before we know it these tiny tootsies will be racing around after her brothers!   I know, not so fast, but we all know how fast this goes!   We joked about her Couture headband someday being her wedding garter and I saw a look of panic flash across dad’s eyes…I know, s l o w   d o w n  time!!  Hold on sweet pea–it’s a wild ride and you’re blessed to be on it with such an incredible family! 

  1. kara emore says:

    I just love her facial features, especially the little bubbles by her lips. She is absolutely beautiful. Enjoy her, time flies.

  2. Jennifer DiDio says:

    she is a tiny little treasure kara! 🙂

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