Carolyn -


Meet sweet little Carolyn who made her arrival to eagerly awaiting Daddy Jason and Momma Amanda.  She was happy to create a Princess and the Pea scenario for momma and daddy so they always remember the tiny little 5 pound package that has forever changed their lives. 

I met these two a few years ago for engagement portraits…so now to see them celebrate the birth of their little girl is really cool and a constant reminder of how quickly time flies.  Amanda still has her slammin red heels she has worn at some point in every portrait session that I have photographed her over the last several years…it’s the little details!  I still remember her telling me years ago that she had a shoe problem!   Wonder if that’s genetic? 😉

Carolyn wins the award for the most alert newborn.  She was happy as a clam to watch intently everything happening around her.

Amanda is still in awe that, despite the sleeplessness that inevitably links itself to the newborn phase, that she and Jason have created this little life.  She wept, as all the moms do, through her movie of portraits and sat in amazement at how long ago her maternity session feels.  She’s already getting a little taste of how quickly time passes when children enter the picture.

Images like this will remind you of how little she once was, especially when she asks to borrow the red shoes! 😉

Amanda, Jason and Carolyn, I wish you the best as you begin this next phase of your journey together!  May you make one another laugh every single day of your life and be each others shelter through all life brings!  There’s always a dark chocolate truffle waiting for you in my sales center when you pass through Westminster. 😉

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