JDP senior Grace

I get lots of inquiries related to photography questions.  I also get random offers of people volunteering to come out with me on sessions to gaffer (support person).    Every once in a while it works out for someone to come be my side kick and learn a bit of the industry from the inside out.  Grace inquired about doing just such a thing last spring and has since helped on several sessions randomly throughout the year. 

Grace is preparing to graduate from high school which is a surreal feeling for just about every senior this time of year.  Just days left before the last 12 years of your life is marching quickly to its grand finale. 

Grace has big dreams that involve possibly a career in photojournalism or possibly a recording contract in her future!  She’s in a band with her family–they provide awesome musical back up for her soulful vocals.  Wanna hear a young Norah Jones?  Can’t wait to buy your first concert ticket! 😉

Grace has been a joy to work with over this last year and we had a blast creating a custom Couture look for her!  Her signature great hair took it to the HNL!  That and her great eyebrow arch—which by the way her mom said she’s done literally since birth–made for a Cinderella Unveiled that has her looking as though she should be walking onto the NYC set for America’s Next Top Model!

Closing with mom’s two favorites…your girl is about to spread her wings to fly!!  Can’t wait to see what amazing things await you Grace!

  1. Maria says:

    Wow! When I saw the pics with the crown, I thought of what my dad still calls Grace…"PG". Princess Grace 🙂 Thanks so much for making her feel like Cinderella for the day.

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