Wolf Surprise

What do moms treasure most in this life?  Portraits of the little faces that stole their hearts the moment they laid eyes on them the first time.  Time stops for no man and ‘happiness don’t drag it’s feet’.   So, what’s even better than portraits of your children—when one mom organizes it all and makes it happen as a total surprise to you!


Wendy brought her son and daughter, Austin and Danielle and her nephew Brett, unbeknownst to Brett’s mom Karen or their grandmother.  This was all intended to be a Mother’s Day surprise and what a surprise it was! 


The session happened during one of those torrential downpours last week, but that did not put a damper on our plans.  Wendy was so excited for this day for her family.  Karen and Grandmom knew something was in the works but the kids were successfully able to keep the surprise.    Even when Danielle was offered a very generous and tempting Tickled Pink bribe from her Aunt Karen to give up the surprise—she resisted, much to her credit!  That’s a girl with willpower!

Wendy brought the whole crew to the View and Choose to reveal their Mother’s Day surprise and the tears flowed freely along with shared hugs when the surprise was unveiled.  Karen and Grandmom said this was the best kind of gift they could ever receive for Mother’s Day. 

Wolfs, it was so wonderful to meet your family and celebrate the love and tenderness you share for one another!  May your smiles abound and surprises of such wonder and amazement await you again! 😉

 Wolfs at their surprise View and Choose.

Wolfs at their surprise View and Choose.

  1. Jennifer says:

    That is the absolute sweetest Mother’s Day gift. Wendy, that was so thoughtful! I’ve got tears in my eyes 🙂 The kids look fantastic. I love how everyone was gathered around to watch the fun. Love you all!

  2. Jennifer DiDio says:

    thank you jennifer! i’ve had many clients purchase gift certificates or sessions as gifts…this is the first time someone saw the process a-z as a surprise gift—awesome all the way around! 😉

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