How appropriate that this Mother’s Day I would present this family in the blog.  These moms were tireless in their efforts to wrangle their big beautiful family to celebrate the blessings God has showered in their life.  Like so many moms, they just can’t put into words how wonderful it is to have the legacy they love so much recorded for each generation to share. 

The late morning session on the family farm could not have been a more beautiful day.  The weather was perfect, cherry trees were in full bloom and the women were all anxiously anticipating my arrival.

This little peanut is the youngest (for now) in the family and as just about all toddlers, she was enthralled by everything happening around her and couldn’t wait to explore.  Whether that was trying out her socks as gloves, wearing all the bracelets of the women in her family,  or picking flowers….too much to do to stay in one place long!  

The Caples farm is not just visually beautiful, but it also supports cows and crops.  Some for their use and some land is leased to other local farmers.  It’s the kind of place you write country songs about.

Caples it was wonderful to meet your family and to see the bonds within the generations.  I’m sure there are many, many wonderful memories that lie ahead for you on this farm!  Enjoy this beautiful record of what you love most in this life!

During the View and Choose it was so sweet to watch the mother daughter bond between Barbara and Julie…this session was a gift from Julie to her parents.   Barbara could not have been more thrilled.  Their reactions were priceless.  My favorite part though—when Barbara saw her grand daughters in the movie…she said, “I love those girls so much it feels like my heart could jump out of my chest.”  Happy Mothers Day! 😉

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