Hillary & Renee

Meet two princesses…Hillary and Renee.   Mother Daughter Couture was a surprise Hillary had been planning for Renee for some time.  Kind of a final special marking of their time in Maryland before a big move their family has coming up.   Hillary told Renee she was on deck for a doctor’s appointment that day, so you can imagine her excitement when the surprise was revealed!  They came for portraits and left with memories that will be with them their entire lives.  They enjoyed every moment of their pampering day.  The pampering was so far from how Hillary spends her normal days as a working mom of four that it took some time for her to settle in and realize this was going to be all about her and Renee and her only job was to soak it all in.  Capturing their natural tenderness and beauty was pure joy. 


While Princess Hillary was being styled by my fabulous stylist Jill Jackson, Renee joined me in studio for some one on one time while she eagerly waited for her turn.   She reminded me of a princess presiding on her throne here. 😉

Every time I photograph women by themselves or with their children, I am reminded why these are my favorite kinds of sessions.   These sessions allow a woman to preserve the beauty of the life she has created in a way that, in the words of Hillary, “makes me heart want to explode I love it so much.”

Almost as awesome as creating these portraits, was the time of sharing them with Hillary and Renee.  The tears and smiles a mile wide invigorate my creativity and the passion for creating legacy pieces for moms.  I am well aware how fast these stages in our life move, which is why I am so vested to capture as much beauty from every single session I take on.


While we ventured out to play on my studio grounds, the princesses chatted, played and giggled.  Hillary said, ‘Renee I hope you can see me because all I can see is my crazy curls blowing around my face!’  To which Renee replied, ‘all I can see is my beautiful Momma.’  These are the moments that will last a lifetime!

Princess Hillary and Renee, it was an absolute joy to preserve this fleeting time for you.  I’m quite certain you will look on these portraits fondly your entire lives and they will always take you back to this time of blessing in your lives.  May your heart always feel about to burst with joy and gratitude.  May His face shine upon you and may He direct each step as you take the leap into the next stage of your life! 

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