Sometimes you decide it’s time to add to your family and that addition has a warm heart and a cold nose.  When Dawn and Steve decided they wanted to adopt a dog 3 years ago, they agreed on a 30 mile search radius.  Somehow Petfinder interpreted that to mean they wouldn’t mind a 6 hour trip to West Virginia, split half way by a devoted animal lover looking to find homes for abandoned animals.  Dawn knew as soon as she saw Daisy that she was supposed to come live with she and Steve…it was her sad eyes that gripped Dawn and didn’t let go. 

Dawn doesn’t know how Daisy made it into her search on Petfinder, but she’s sure glad she did.  The shelter Daisy was rescued from has a very high kill rate because so many abandoned pets are dropped there.  Missy, a dedicated animal lover who worked at the Webster County Human Society, was the guardian angel who helped to deliver Daisy to Dawn.  Dawn agreed to the adoption, never having met Daisy, and it’s been one of the best decisions she’s ever made. 

Daisy looked much larger in the photo on Petfinder then she was in reality.  In reality she was very thin and small, with a pink nose and belly and brown feet.  In no time at all, just a month after coming to her new home, the Dillon’s had Daisy restored to health and happy as a clam in her new home. 

Daisy is as sweet as she is cute and she was perky and curious during her time at my studio.   Her complete devotion to Dawn and Steve is readily apparent after spending just a few minutes with them.  Dawn likes to joke that Daisy has her Dad wrapped around her finger and she’s spoiled, but she could never be rotten.  The love Dawn and Steve have for their little beagle girl is plainly written on their faces and in their hearts as well.  She is one blessed little girl to have found her way to them.  Something tells me they have many, many years of wonderful memories to be made ahead of them!  The photos below are a snippet of Daisy’s story finding her way to Dawn & Steve.  The first photo of her was when she arrived, the next photo was her restored to health one month later.

  1. Dawn Dillon says:

    Love the blog! thanks again- great pics! Dawn, Steve & Daisy

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