JDP senior Jackie

Had a blast working with Jackie to create a senior portrait session that reflected multiple facets of the amazing young woman she is growing into.  Her mother Ellen has been anticipating this portrait time for 3 years, ever since she saw the portrait collection I created for their dear neighbor and friend Lyndsey Yoder.   When we spoke at her booking,  Ellen’s excitement was bubbling over.  She had been hoping Jackie would chose my portrait services but wanted it to be her decision, so when Jackie asked to have me cover her session,  Ellen was ecstatic.

Jackie’s interests are as varied as the day is long.  She’s a scholar, an athlete and a quiet artist who finds expression in a way that only the arts can do for a soul.   She’s got quite a busy summer going on—just in the last 3 weeks she had a congressional aid position and two weeks of 12 hour a day band camp.  This meant waiting 3 weeks to come for her View and Choose for her senior portrait session felt eternal! 

One of absolute favorite things about creating portraits is revealing facets of someone’s personality they have never seen captured in portraits before.  The last portrait is this block below is Jackie’s favorite from her whole collection…it resonated with her artist soul that’s a very quiet part of her personality.  She looses herself in the piano and finds expression for herself that’s so different than the expression found in softball and her band interests….

I’ll look for you on Capitol Hill in a future that certainly looks very bright Jackie! 😉

Lastly, here’s a tribute to Ellen and all the moms like her who cheer their daughters on and help make a dream like this come true! 

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