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JDP senior Alex

When a high school gymnast decides she’s ready to try something new, you can imagine which sport she’d likely be most attracted to.  Pole vaulting allows Alex to continue to fly through the air, which as anyone who has ever done even a round off knows, is a pretty exhilarating feeling.   Alex joined track and field and expressed an interest in pole vaulting but her coach said, ‘no you are a runner.’  Well, a few years later, here she is a vaulter! 

Alex’s mom Gayle sought out my portrait services to capture the beautiful elegance that characterizes how Alex carries herself along with the strength & determination in her athleticism.  What an amazing combination of grace and strength Alex epitomizes.   

As often happens in life, a friend encouraged Alex to try vaulting and there was no looking back.  Once you’ve soared like a bird, the ground holds little appeal.  Alex belongs to a vaulting club named Vaultworx.   She travels weekly to Camp Hill for practice and her personal best jump is 11 ft 3 in.

Alex’s goal is to pole vault in college but she’s not sure where that will be yet.   She is a 3x state runner up in the pole vault and once came in 3rd place.   She is also a 3 time county vaulting champion.  Watching her soar is a spectacular thing to behold.

Her mom was right by her side cheering her on and helping her complete the rigorous regimen required before every jumping session.   Something tells me this is a pattern mom will be in all the days of her life…cheering Alex on as she faces each new hurdle of her life.  Soar Alex–the world is yours! 

  1. Barbara Howell

    August 29th, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    I’m one proud Grandmother! Jennifer you do outstanding work.

  2. Jennifer DiDio

    August 30th, 2014 at 2:05 am

    as well you should be barbara–that’s one special grand daughter you have! thank you! 😉

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