Unveil your Cinderella –April and Paige joined me for Mother Daughter Couture to do just that!  April wanted to make memories in portraits that they would carry with them for a lifetime!  Unveil your Cinderella portraiture is so much more than the exquisite pieces we produce.

It is a time for women to relax and refresh, to laugh and to feel what it must be like to be a supermodel, for just one day of their lives.  The time starts in the styling chair at the hands of my magician stylist Jill Jackson. 

Jill and I have something in common that works out to the delight of our clients—we are both relentless about finding every single clients most beautiful!  The 2.5 hour makeover is meticulously crafted to highlight every clients best, leaving them wishing Jill could meet them in the bathroom every morning to start their day! 

The next step is creating portraits with the outfits clients bring and often a created outfit in studio.  Paige and April knew they were most interested in the fairy tale Cinderella portraits they had seen me create for years.   I spend quite a bit of time with each client posing and lighting them in their most flattering manner. 

April has been dreaming about this Unveil your Cinderella day for quite some time now.  To make her dream a reality meant she must travel 4 hours to meet up with the team at Jennifer DiDio Photography.  The best 4 hour trip she’s made in a long time!   Memories were made that will last a lifetime and may the Unveil your Cinderella feeling bring frequent smiles to your faces ladies!  

  1. Carrie Appleby says:

    These are gorgeous!!! Great job!! April, you & Paige are beautiful!!!!

  2. nita vitari says:

    amazing!!! such a great idea! you two are beautiful!

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