JDP senior Haley

Have you ever retraced the steps in your life to trace where you dreams had their start?  It’s an incredible thing to ponder how dreams take root in a life and how the smallest of decisions place you on a path towards realizing your dreams, long before you ever realize it.  Haley’s dream started in a little town called Pordenone, Italy when her family was stationed over seas.  Haley’s dad has traveled the world with his family throughout his career in the Air Force.  Haley began ballet classes in Italy when she was just 5 years old, as so many little girls do.  Little did she realize seeds were being planted that would grow a desire to make this her career. 

A year after she began her lessons in Italy it was time for her family to relocate back to the States.  This time to Tucson Arizona.  That’s when Haley entered a Classical Ballet school, really only because her family happened to pass by the school and her dad decided to go just check it out.  Likely he figured it would be a passing phase, like most little girls commitment to dance is.  He also signed her up for Tang Soo Do martial arts classes, hoping she would share his life long love of martial arts.

Ballet quickly became Haley’s main love although she continued martial arts for 5 years.  At 11 and with another move, this time to Huntsville, Alabama, Haley realized it was time to fully pursue ballet and set her other interests aside.   Haley trained at Huntsville Ballet for 6 years and those years have helped to give her her wings to fly onto her next phase of training.  Her mom took on the responsibility for home schooling Haley so she make better use of the hours in each day for her education and her training.  Now, at 17 she has recently re-located for her senior year to The School of Pennsylvania Ballet and hopes to be in this large company one day.

Haley’s life as a young ballerina looks very promising.  She’s accustomed to a life that is on the move and the dedication and commitment that’s required to purse a life in dance.  Her mother and father have been her biggest cheerleaders all along the way as they are now entering their retirement years and able to vest in helping Haley achieve her dreams.  Her big sisters cheer her on while they are raising their own families.  Mom and dad packed Haley up and have moved her across the country to Philadelphia just a few weeks ago.  She is embracing life in Philly.

Haley was excited to create portraits with mood and passion.   She told me how excited she was that her senior portraits were going to be a reflection of her passion for dance and be so unique.  Absolute pleasure to create with you Haley!  I wish you all the best as you make your dreams your reality!   

  1. Judy Myers says:

    Haley, you are so absolutely enchanting. I can feel the love and intensity you have for your passion. I am wishing you the very best in your journey. Jen, you captured her so beautifully, I think it’s some of your best work.

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