Michael & Pamela

Likely at some point in your childhood you slipped into your mother’s high heels and a dress that was far too big for you and walked as delicately as possible down your hallway holding an imaginary bouquet.  Sorry, gentlemen, but dreams of a fairy tale wedding day occupy a lion’s share of a LOT of little girls day dreams.  Then those little girls grow up and meet the man they’ve waited their whole life for…and the love story begins.  For Pamela this was Michael.   And for Michael, Pamela is the woman who causes him to wear a love sick grin on his face all day long.   It was time for them to begin their happily ever after with a magical wedding day.  

Sometimes though, the wedding days are full of so many details, so many ‘to do’s’, so many mini crisis and so much humidity and rain, that it feels like the dream has crumbled to pieces.   Then the professional wedding portrait collection only adds to the disappointment and sadness.  This is where Bridal Couture with Jennifer DiDio Photography comes in to save the day.   Pamela had fallen in love with my romantic portraiture and booked a Bridal Couture session before she even booked her wedding photographer (before I had a wedding package).  Pamela professionally modeled in over 20 countries over a span of 10 years, so portraiture takes on special significance for her. 

This is also why the trying time of her wedding day was especially difficult for Pamela.  She is an artist, a creator and a visionary who is full of tenderness.   She feels life deeply and Michael wanted nothing more than to give her the fairy tale she’d been dreaming of.   On her honeymoon she prayed to be able to let go of the disappointment of the wedding day and felt God was telling her, ‘I will make this up to you.’  During her View & Choose of her portraits she said, “He has made it up to me through your portraits!”  Wow…These two are deeply in love and so excited to spend the rest of their days together, it made them a joy to photograph.  Capturing their tender affection for one another was a delight.  

These portraits brought the vision Pamela had in her mind to life!  Her vision and creativity is evident in what we created, just as it is in the design work she does daily as an artist.  PLHCollection is her one of kind boutique jewelry design business that also creates chic and shabby houseware designs.   She travels for shows and has a loyal following waiting for her to reveal new designs at each show she’s a part of.  She will be a part of a Howard County craft show and a Christmas show in Northern Virigina this fall.   Website coming in the future.  

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