Cru 12.0

Look who just turned 1!!!!  We celebrate Cru Henry’s birthday and the small package of adorableness he is with his 12.0 milestone marker portrait session. 

Cru, or as I have affectionately nicknamed him, Mr. Smile Machine, is the first Jennifer DiDio Photography baby to complete the milestone marker first year in portraits.  We started with him as a newborn and have seen him every 3 months to chronicle his development into this package that warms the hearts of everyone he’s around.  I am consistently amazed by the babies in the milestone marker program…so much change in such a short time…blink and they are a year old already!

Cru has consistently been full of smiles and snuggles throughout his year in portraits.  His eyelashes are the envy of every woman he meets…always the little boys have the best eyelashes! 

Tamara and Billy are head over heels over their little guy and it’s pretty clear he feels the same way! 

Happy first birthday Cru!!!!  May the path before you be filled with love and laughter and your smile continue to warm everyone around you! 

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