Welcome dear sweet Gracie to the Kumpar family.  She’s a very much anticipated addition Julie and Matt have prayed for fervently over the last two years.   Her big sister, Ellie, the family’s little prayer warrior, has also logged more than her fair share of prayers for a baby to be added to their family.   She’s a seasoned pro having loved on friends babies and her own doll babies for years…and now she has Grace!


All of my newborn shoots has a spotter in place very close to the baby.  For the set up above Dad took that role instead of my studio manager.  After seeing his expression watching his girls, I knew that was one spotter I would not be editing out of the scene!  I’m pretty sure Ellie doesn’t remember her own newborn session, but blog followers may remember her beautiful Momma playing the violin in her maternity session years ago…and then Ellie as a newborn posing with a family heirloom violin case and dad’s elk skin.  Feels like the blink of eye ago…

Ellie is full of spunk and spark with eyes wide open to explore everything around her.   This little girl is going to accomplish big things for the kingdom of God!  Kudos to momma and daddy for understanding a little girl’s need to jump it out and laugh!   It’s a tough transition for the oldest child when a new baby comes into a home, no matter how much that baby’s presence is longed for.  It requires a lot of grace, patience, prayer and laughter on everyone’s part!  The Kumpar home abounds with exactly that wonderful combination!

Grace has been affectionately called Pumpkin during her in utero stay.  Julie loves to decorate and incorporate holiday themes in her home…so how fitting that she brought these fall welcoming arrival accoutrement for Gracie’s portraits! 

Grace and Ellie, always remember you were very much prayed for and loved and the Lord has great plans for you!  Can’t wait to see His plans for your little lives unfold and cheer you on along the way! 

  1. Jenn says:

    I can hardly type through my tears! Wow, Jennifer! Thanks to Our Father for these bountiful blessings and to you for capturing them!! -A Proud Aunt

  2. Megyn van Gijssel says:

    What a beautiful story!! Absolutely gorgeous!! Xxx

  3. Julie Kumpar says:

    Jennifer, Once again, you have reached into our lives through the ordinary and sometimes chaotic moments, and pulled out both the extraordinary and lovely. You have captured our girls beautifully and we are so grateful. Your talent, vision, faith, determination, wisdom, excellence, kindness, and patience are unmatched. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Jennifer DiDio says:

      Julie, always my pleasure to partner with your family to record the amazing grace poured into your life! 😉

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