Unveil your Cinderella….that’s what Chris had been dreaming about for a long time and that dream just became her reality.  Chris is a personal trainer, teaches classes at Golds Gym and is a massage therapist at the Spa at Roops Mill.  She’s also considering adding tattoo body modeling to her many pursuits, which is one of the reasons she came for portraits. 

If you are looking for someone to whip your butt into shape, Chris is your woman.  She’s a great motivator and top notch fitness trainer.  She lives and breathes fitness and has even competed in body building competitions!   She would love to combine personal fitness sessions with massage therapy and is pursuing making that a reality in her future.

Chris spends most of her day in work out gear and getting her sweat on,  so a day of princess pampering is a far cry from her norm.  She fully embraced Unveil your Cinderella and all things girly for the day and we had a blast! 

Chris feels like she was born in the wrong era…she’s always loved the pin up style so popular in the 1940s & 1950’s….so we dedicated part of her session time to take her back 60 years in history!  I can just see her painted on the side of a WWII airplane or stepping out to entertain the boys on the war front! 

  1. ~ Dianne Gunderson says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Just a dream come true!! Thank you for your kind words and beautiful eye! A favulous experince!!

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