Izzy was full of spark and humor when she joined us for her Unveil your Cinderella senior portrait session.  She soaked in all the time for her pampering in the styling chair while my stylist, Jill Jackson, worked her magic on all Izzy’s gorgeous features!  Then proceeded to jump in with two feet to the whole modeling time before my lens.

The senior portrait experience is a time to celebrate, remember and cast visions to the future.  Fortunately for Izzy, her sisters have helped to pave the path for her so she’s not in uncharted waters.  The Jochum girls are all musically talented…in fact, I think Izzy still owes me a song!

We had a blast together and Izzy and her family were thrilled with her portrait gallery.  Just in case moms wondered, yes, we create a drape portrait, very quickly to start off the session.   The girls tell me they always prefer it to their school one and work to get it into their yearbooks.

The drape portrait is literally two minutes of our time together, then we move into their feel like a super model Unveil your Cinderella portrait experience! 

Employing a variety of lighting set ups in every session is a mandate for all my portrait work.  This creates a wonderful variety that clients have fallen in love with and come to expect from their portrait galleries. 

Spread your wings and fly Izzy!!  A very bright future is there for your taking!!! 

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