Cru's Birthday Party -

Cru’s Birthday Party

I joined Cru’s family at his home to celebrate his first birthday.   Mom knew how nearly impossible it is to document a party you are hosting and have beautiful lifestyle coverage at the end of the day, so she called on me for the special event coverage I offer my clients.  

Cru was as happy as a clam throughout his whole party.  Often babies are overwhelmed by all the commotion of a party.  Not Mr. Smile Machine, he was the life of the party!  The Millers moved in recently to the home they built and it feels like home already.  Out of all the cool features they designed into their home, there was only one thing Billy wanted to make sure I saw.  Tamara’s plaque for winning a fishing contest last year, Heels & Reels.  It’s the little things that often mean so much to us…he’s proud of his girl!

Click photo below to advance through slideshow sampling of party coverage.

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