Gianna’s 1

I know it’s cliche, but where does a year go?  Princess Gianna was in studio to celebrate her first birthday and it feels like just yesterday that she was wearing Daddy’s Superbowl ring to close out her newborn session. 

There’s nothing in the world like having babies and watching their transformation over the years to make you acutely aware that time stops for no one.   Little babies who used to watch intently as life moved on about them, are not content to watch as an observer for long.  Their desire to grab all life has to offer them propels them forward and into motion that tends to keep parents young and tired.

As parents we struggle between cheering on their new independence and the desire to have them nestled in our arms forever.  Gianna is no exception.  She’s on the move but still quite content to nestle back into Momma and Daddy’s arms when her exploration is done. 

Gianna’s annual family portrait session happened a month earlier on a grey, rainy/snowy bitter cold day.  There was only one day that would work so it was make or break and we created a beautiful portrait gallery.  Fast forward the dial a month into December and Ms. Gia somehow manages to have her first birthday portrait session on an unseasonably warm and gorgeous day!  That’s Maryland weather for ya!  Her uncle and soon to be aunt were in town and decided to join in the session fun to get a behind the scenes view.

Gianna was a delight and continues to warm the hearts of everyone in her family.  We close her birthday session with two painterly portraits of her little life…happiest 1st birthday dear one!

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