Max & Momma

A boy who is turning 3 doesn’t generally sit for portraits like this…almost ever.  However, when the portrait time includes play, boys like will often contain the whirlwind that is little boy to help us create precious momma/son portraits.  These portraits are already precious to one very dear Momma who loves her little Max with such devotion! 

Max is about to turn 3 and his Momma wanted to mark this time in portraits with the things he loves most in life.  Well, that would be dinosaurs with big teeth and claws and tractors.  What’s he not so wild about?  Soft teddy bears or faux fur throws.  Max is all rough and tumble little boy!

Until it comes to his Momma.  Then he’s a snuggle bug when the excitement from fighting t-rex’s and crashing tractors has worn him out!  I’ve been photographing Max since he was a newborn.  It’s so wonderful to see these babies grow up before my eyes and Mom see reflections of his mannerisms from his first birthday shoot! 

Max filled us in on all the details about the exciting moving dinosaur exhibit he was going to see in the week ahead.  (in fact I’m pretty sure he thought he had a date w/my studio manager Sara to see the exhibit!) Then he enacted what it’s like when a T-rex sets his eyes on you for his dinner.  These are the beautiful fleeting times Mom will hold onto her whole life.  Max did so wonderfully, we ended his session with a special treat…shine on dear one!

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