JDP senior Blake

Blake partnered with us to create a super cool senior portrait experience that showcased his interests with originality.  We actually had Wise Films there to document the experience for our clients to see what goes on behind the scenes of a senior guy shoot experience.

This kid rocks it out on so many different levels.  He’s a senior at Westminster High who is looking forward to attending Belmont University in Tennessee to pursue his primary passion–music! 

You’ll find Blake on the soccer and lacrosse fields year round, in between his involvement with Young Life, when he’s not practicing music.  As a toddler, when others were carrying blankets around, Blake was dragging around a little guitar!  Blake plays guitar, drums and a bit of keyboard!  My favorite part of session time was when he played music for the crew as we were filming/creating portraits!

Blake’s great grandfather is responsible for starting athletic programs in Carroll County Public Schools.  If you notice the signs in the background reflect the Ruby family name.  The field was named Ruby field to honor his great grandfather’s dedication to see the plan through to completion which thousands and thousands of kids have benefited from to this day.

Most guys have senior portraits created because their mom and dad want them.  That was true for Blake as well, but we work very hard to ensure the senior guys have an awesome experience as well!  We make sure our senior guys know we will photograph them doing what they love in ways they have never seen before.

Blake also went underwater with his guitar with a dramatic entrance into the water.  That part of his shoot will be in a follow up blog early next week!  Look for his video chronicling this shoot this winter!  Here’s a final teaser of what’s to come just before he went in the water!!

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