Pasley-Bateman bunch

When a family of 7 plus 5 puppies comes to the studio, you might expect a lot of chaos.  At least that’s what I was expecting.  Instead, we had a lot of fun creating portraits with the big Pasley-Bateman bunch as they like to call themselves.  A modern Brady bunch!  This family knows how to have fun and laugh together which made them a blast to have in studio.

Samantha breeds English bulldogs and with her latest litter born about 6 weeks ago, she knew they’d make a perfect addition to a Christmas family portrait session.  These puppies are just adorable beyond words.  They snuggle into whoever is holding them at the time.  They are also generous with their little smudgy face kisses.

In a house full of women, Kenny and Noah have each other for a little testosterone support and their bond is strong!   Noah showed off some of his awesome beat box skills and dance moves…reminding me so much of a young Justin Timberlake!

Sydney and Natalie were quick with gentle smiles all night and eager to snuggle the pups.  Jasmine and Jordyn have just celebrated their sweet 16 birthday a few days ago and will be joining our JDP senior model program in the future!  So look to see more of these twin beauties!

Children are a blessing from the Lord…and as moms we know how fleeting time is with them…

This litter of brother and sister pups will melt any heart into pieces.  I could have held them all night long!   Samantha needed to schedule her family portrait session in the evening so fortunately the pups were all tuckered out when it was time to create their portraits so we could create these show-stoppers. 

Cuteness overload as this little guy waves ‘bye bye’ to everyone!  There are just two pups left–a male and a female in case anyone’s looking for a truly memorable Christmas gift!  The pups available are the ones on the ends in the series before this one.  Merry Christmas! 

  1. Do you have any male emglish

  2. Do you have any english bulldog puppies for sale? If you do how much are they and how old our the puppies?😊

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