Snow Princess’s Family

Remember the beautiful client who told me how much she wanted snow for her Unveil your Cinderella portrait experience last winter?  She was back for full family portraits just after the holidays. 

Kathy volunteers with HUGS, a special needs ministry at Life Point Church, and when she was asked to bring in a photo of her family, she realized she didn’t have anything that represented all her kids and their growing families.  This bothered her.  

Family means the world to Kathy, but her 3 children are scattered across the country.  Justin’s touring schedule, as the drummer for Side Walk Prophets, makes full family gatherings a challenge.   Christmas is a guaranteed time when the whole family gathers and Kathy knew just what she wanted for Christmas this year.  Her prince charming, Paul, made it happen for her.

You all made your mom so happy to come together for this portrait time.  Kathy, you are blessed with an amazing family full of laughter and grace.  Enjoy this legacy we have locked down of your blessing that has captured your heart.

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