Milestones are a big deal in family life…they become a rallying time of celebration to mark who loved us through this life.  The Sanchez-Gerhart family wanted to mark their sweet baby Samantha’s baptism to celebrate the little life that they are blessed by everyday.  Family came from all over the country to celebrate this day with them. 

Samantha’s family has surrounded her with a tender and joyful love that will guide her through this life.  When I first started recording her day, I was overwhelmed a bit by the scene of Ana and Cecy dressing Samantha in her baptism gown.  I thought, ‘likely, this same exact scene will be happening about 25 years from now, in another white gown and the joy will be the same.’  Then I learned the baptism dress was made from Ana’s wedding gown.  Circle of life is a beautiful thing when celebrated within families. 

This day will be broken into 3 segments for the blog, as I know many family and friends are waiting to celebrate these images with them! 

Pre-baptism family:


Celebration at Grandmom Myra’s:

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