JDP senior Abby

Abby’s been taking dance classes since she was 2 1/2 years old.  Her love of dance has followed her her whole life.  It’s been a love she’s shared with her little sister and her mother.  Several of her dance portraits have a 50’s film star feel to me and I can’t quite place it…maybe Grace Kelly?

Today, as a senior at Winters Mill, Abby is a member of the dance team and continues with her dance training when she’s able to fit it in her schedule.  She hopes to pursue her interest in choreography as well. 

Creating timeless dance portraits of Abby was such a delight and not just because of her gentle kind spirit.  Abby was a neighbor of mine for years and she played all kinds of make believe games with my boys (although she was never able to rope them into dancing). 

Instead Abby and her sister Kate were White Witches in Narnia games and parts of detective crime scene investigations while my oldest donned a black trench coat.  They also pullied lunches up in buckets to the playschool picnic table that my boys wedged into branches of a pine tree about 5 feet off the ground.  There was plenty of costuming and make believe that makes me believe these child hood memories have helped to shape these kids into the wonderful young adults they are today.

Abby’s a hard worker who puts in a lot of hours at the local Dairy Queen and is saving her earnings for her future.  She’s unsure of what her future career path will entail…possibly medicine…possibly research…but I’m quite certain it looks bright!  Dance on dear one! 

  1. Sheri Metzbower says:

    Wow! These photos are incredible! Abby looks amazing in each and every one!

  2. Jessica Tye says:

    I am blown away! So beautiful. I cannot thank you enough. Such a wonderful experience for Abby!

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