Tommy & Melanie


Tommy & Melanie have a lot to celebrate in their lives.  As they are quickly approaching their 10 year wedding anniversary, it’s evident the love they pledged 10 years ago has grown in strength and devotion.  Melanie wanted that to be captured in a way that reflected who they are as a couple.

They’d been photographed in the past together, but knew there was something missing.  Melanie realized it was the drama and intensity she was hoping I would capture for them.   They certainly could rock drama in their portraits!  Melanie has the coolest hair, which changes colors every few months.  My stylist Jill rocked out a look that left Melanie grinning ear to ear!  That combined with Tommy’s tats & muscles is a creators dream come true!

I had so much fun with this couple and just love that clients are seeking out my portrait services when they want portrait art created of their love.  Melanie also wanted to capture this time for Tommy to celebrate his achievement with physical fitness goals.  Tommy is a competitive power lifer and is #1 in his class in the state of Maryland!!  He also just placed third in the nation in his class!!  It’s precious to see how Melanie beams with pride when she speaks about Tommy’s accomplishments.  This is no school girl crush, but a devoted love cheering him on with celebration.

We will feature a blog of strength portraits of Tommy coming up soon!  If you have a little boy who is a fan of the Incredible Hulk…you may want to show him!

  1. Tom Haifley says:

    You are amazing Jennifer! We can’t thank you enough!!!


  2. Jennifer DiDio says:

    My pleasure!! Enjoy!! 😉

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