Huck 12.0

There’s something about babies that melts most people.  I guess it’s the promise of what the future offers…the hope of what they may become…the new beginnings…the firsts… 
And when the baby is as adorable as Huck, it’s pretty easy to see why he’s melting hearts all day long!

Huck’s first birthday portraits offered a chance to lock down wispy blond curls, curly tiny toes and grins full of charm that are responsible for inspiring baby fever in couples.  Just as important, his portraits offer a chance to lock down how briefly he fits into the arms of the two people who love him most on this earth. 

Portraits are about legacy.  Preserving today what we cherish for tomorrow.  And oh my is this dear little one cherished!  Look for his birthday party celebration blog next week! 

Huck’s animated expressions seem to be a combination of his big sisters and brother.  He is certainly a charmer and so in love with his momma & daddy!  If only there were a way to slow down time…

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