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JDP senior Morgan

JDP senior Morgan was very up front with me when she came for her pre-consult.  Basketball is her life…dresses, not so much!  She’s much happier in a sweltering gym than in a portrait studio.  She cracked me up when her mom brought up how gorgeous she looked in one of her prom dresses and she wrinkled her nose in disagreement.  I asked what she didn’t like about the dress, she answered, “that it was a dress.”

My goal in portrait creation is to show as many facets of a clients personality and beauty as possible and to surprise them.  My clients are as different as the day is long and that’s the beauty of custom portrait creation–we can customize the session to reflect all that is Morgan.  Because I get it, coming for portraits is a very intimidating thing, especially for a girl who is much more comfortable in a pair of Jordans than she is in a pair of heels.  I just love that these portraits show Morgan as a fierce competitor and also as the beautiful young woman her family and friends know her as. 

Morgan was recruited to play ball at Catholic Prep in Frederick.  This meant leaving behind her friends and team mates at Westminster High.  That was a decision she wrestled with, but the support for her as a basketball player has made it a decision she’s glad she made although she misses her old team mates. 

I just fell in love with this above set of portraits!  Morgan’s eyes were on fire and all that lovely hair!!  Just awesome!! 

Morgan–kudos to you for appeasing your mom by coming for these portraits.  You are her one and only baby girl and this collection will be a treasure for her as she watches you prepare to spread your wings to fly!  Fly high girl, the world needs more of the strength and determination you possess! 

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