JDP senior Mackenzie

Every once in a while the sugar and spice mixture that makes up little girls blends to be a perfect combination in young womanhood.  That’s the case with this basketball phenom Mackenzie…or Mack as she’s affectionaly known.

Mack’s the girl who is always in the gym, relentlessly pursuing mastery of her craft.  She’s the girl with her hair in a messy pony tail, wearing warm ups and glasses, who has no idea what to do with make up.  She’s grown up in the gym watching her own basketball phenom mom coach teams her entire life and coach her as well.  She started her first clinic when she was 4 and has been hooked ever since.  She began playing up two years in elementary school.  As a middle schooler, she was practicing in the gym more than the high school players were. 

This disciplined approach has led to her earning the distinguished title of Carroll County Girls Basketball Player of Year her 9th, 10th and 11th grade year!  She has led the county in points, rebounds & steals all 3 years as well!  Is she for real!?  I can tell you she absolutely is!  Perhaps one of the coolest parts of her story is to know that her 8th grade travel team lost all their games.  Coach/Mom Heather told the girls–you can be amazing–keep moving forward and do not give up!  And they did just that–they came together, they disciplined their approach even further and went on to win county championships the last two seasons! This girl is fierce, funny, kind, intense, supportive and genuine in a very rare combination.

When deciding on senior portraits, Heather had seen what we created for our athletes and was intrigued.  She couldn’t exactly wrap her head around it to describe it, but she knew she wanted it for Mack.  She talked to other parents we had created for and that sealed the deal.  “You came with the highest recommendations and that was enough for me,” Heather shared.  She specifically wanted to see Mackenzie’s soft and feminine side.  She remembered going through school as the ‘basketball girl’ herself and what a surprise it was for people to see her senior portraits showing a gorgeous side that was just waiting to be unveiled.  She wanted this same experience for Mackenzie. The DeWees family’s schedule is super busy, so she planned ahead and had her pre-consult vision casting meeting over the winter and locked her date then.  They were dying to get back in to see her completed gallery which took another balancing act for their schedules.

Anyone fortunate enough to do life with her, knows Mackenzie is fierce, funny, kind, intense, supportive and genuine in a very rare combination. She exudes a confidence that is magnetic and makes you want to get to know her more.  She’s the girl who will jump up in fiery defense of her mom if you dare complain about Mrs. DeWees in her presence.  She’s the girl whose not afraid to speak her mind while also reaching out a hand to help someone up to realize their best.  She’s destined to continue making her mark mightily everywhere she goes in life. 

Among her other honors, Mack has also been named 3 Time 1st Team All County,  3 Time 1st Team All Conference and 2 Time 1st Team Maryland All-State.  Her team recrod is 64-11 the last 3 years. As you can imagine she has been a highly sought after player on the college basketball recruiting circuit.  It was important to Mackenzie that the college she chose be a small school that felt like a home away from home.  That combined with an awesome and supportive coaching staff is what led to her committing to Quinnipiac University for a full Division 1 Scholarship to play women’s basketball! 

Mom and Dad are trying to figure out how they are going to split their time between Mack’s brothers games and hers up North and coaching.  Fortunately, ESPN 3 will be broadcasting some of her games and there will be live feed on the court!  If you happen to be on a plane with Heather, she’ll be the one grading papers!

So as Mack prepares to spread her wings–we will all be watching with great expectancy to see what this next chapter looks like!  Dear Dad, don’t worry, she’ll still always be your little girl.  Facetime will work to watch a show together before bed.  You’ve taught her all the things to beware of to keep her safe—which are a blessing and a mantle of protection for her all the days of her life. 

Mack on the walls & in her album!

  1. Tia king says:

    Omg these are absolutely beautiful 😍😍😍
    Both the model and photographer

    Would love to get photos for myself!!

    • Jennifer DiDio says:

      Hi Tia–thank you for your kind words! Would love to chat with you about portraits for yourself! Feel free to reach out via my contact page here! 😉

  2. T.J.Griffin says:


  3. Kirstin Prell says:

    Extremely AWESOME!

  4. Candice mathis says:

    I cant believe how grown up she is!! You go girl!!💁💁💁

  5. amy says:

    Love the locker room pose, wall/ locker climbing! creative 🙂

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