Caring for Babies

Carroll Hospital is pioneering a new Couplet Care program that is going to be an incredible blessing to so many families in our community!  Currently, when a newborn requires a longer hospital stay than mom, mom is sent home while her new baby stays behind.  Carroll Hospital realizes how awful this is and wanted to do something about it.

Carroll Hospital is 2nd in the nation to begin work on creating suites for family and caregivers to stay in while their baby is hospitalized.  Families will be able to sleep, eat and even do a bit of laundry while they stay to care for their baby.  Nurses will  teach family members how to care for the medical needs of their newborn.  Rather than the babies spending their day in incubators, research shows babies gain weight and get stronger much more quickly when they have skin to skin contact.  Kudos to Carroll Hospital for helping to make this transition easier on our families!

My studio has supported the hospital’s fund raising efforts over the last several years.  Just days ago the event coordinators got the idea to have portraits on display at the gala and reached out for help.  We happily provided pieces to help their cause.  Clients attending will recognize some of the pieces from our walls and there will also be a collection of small black and white prints you’ll see featured in this blog.

  If you’d like to attend the gala or donate, tickets can be purchased by calling 410.871.7280.  More information can also be found at  Way to innovate Carroll Hospital!!

  1. Judy Myers says:

    What a wonderful blessing to the babies and families. I am so proud of your contributions to this wonderful project.

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