The Sweetest Gift

When portraits of your children are one of your most prize possessions, then it makes perfect sense to give this gift to the woman who gave you life…the woman who has cheered you on in your own parenting journey…your mother!  I can’t tell you how many times women have told me this has been, by far, their favorite gift ever received!

Through the thick and thin of life there is family and a bond of sisterhood that is like no other.  Tamara wanted to celebrate that bond of love that stands the test of time through an Unveil your Cinderella generational portrait session.  These women raise her up, cheer her on, pick up her pieces and breathe courage into her–and that she wanted captured in portraits to cherish over the generations.

This Unveil your Cinderella day was certainly full of a lot of laughter, dancing, hair spray, tears of joy and pampering mini-make overs.  It was sweet to see the joy Sandra was overcome by when Amelia and Naomi simultaneously kissed her on the cheek.  The girls were confused as to why she was crying–“you’ll understand one day girls, one day!” she told them. 

Knowing this full day extravaganza would be too much for Huck & Cru, we added them to the mix at the very end for a special story time with Nana.  Sandra radiated a joy throughout this day w/her girls that was priceless.  She recounted portrait tips from her own mother that had us all in stitches!  We have featured Sandra’s selected favorites here to share.  Three generations locked down to enjoy on her walls and in her home where her memories are made with her precious ones.   

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