Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Happy 1st birthday to sweet little Jeremy!  Blog followers will remember this adorable little peanut from his newborn portraits blog & his 6 month portrait blog.  We celebrated all his awesomeness in this first birthday portrait time. 

The first birthday is a big deal.  Comes around once!  Jeremy’s session was actually split in two so he could have his cake smash collection in a wall display to be revealed at his party.  We created the remainder of his session after all the birthday celebrations settled down. 

Jeremy’s ‘serving face’ portrait as mom called it–just enthralls me.  He has such great compelling expressions so naturally mom wanted this recorded down in ways that she’ll always be able to remember.  Kharia actually had built ins installed in her home to be able to display and rotate portraits from her legacy boxes. 

Oh is this little boy loved…so loved by his Momma, his Gichy and his Grandad.  He’s snuggles into each of them in a distinctly different way, all equally beautiful and evidence of the affection that envelops his little self daily.

As if the cuteness wasn’t already enough–let’s close out with Jeremy’s stinker face!  What a joy to create for you Jeremy and I pray you know all the days of your life how deeply you are loved and that confidence will propel you onto to so many great things in this life!

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