Client faves of 2017

Wow…when I get to this point in the year and review favorites, I’m mildly dumbfounded.   I think of the children’s book,  “Oh the Places You’ll Go”.  We went in the water and underwater, we danced in wild flower meadows, we introduced green screen, we went to crossfit, we walked in waterfalls and made one ourselves, we celebrated beginnings and we mourned endings, we laughed, we cried, and we asked God to teach us just a little more about Himself as the lover of our souls who gifts us with the kind of beauty and joy we always want to remember. 

I pause to think of our philanthropic outreach to the world made possible by our giving back, globally and locally.  Most pressing on my heart is the knowledge we all participated in rescuing little girls out of lives as sex slaves.  We all helped to bring restoration to them, allowing them how to be children again.  Together we helped provide opportunities for a future for our sponsor children: Amen in Uganda, Phines in Burkina Faso, Alex in Dominican Republic and Belinda and Max in Minoterie, Haiti. 

So, thank you for sharing your story and your lives with me over 2017.   I look forward to what we will share in 2018 and am eager to create something amazing with you!  Tomorrow I will make live a blog of my personal top 25 portraits of the year!  xo

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