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When you are raising babies, the days can be long and the nights even longer.  Everyone tells you how fleeting the time is, but it’s almost impossible to truly fathom how 2 a.m. “momma” wake up calls could ever be a fond distant memory.

Then slowly but surely, your baby begins reaching milestones you thought were in the far off future.  Your emerging bi-lingual 1 year old who never stops, not for one second it seems, says her first three syllable word after a visit to your home country of Romania.  She begins making sentences, “come daddy, daddy work.”

You know the time is passing, so you attempt portraits with your speedy toddler.  You leave fairly certain it was an exercise in futility because toddlers and exploring go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Then when you see them, you melt.  These portraits make your heart smile for what’s been captured in the midst of mothering.  Moments that pass by, most often unrecorded.

You see your spunky little Elizabeth, reminding you so much of yourself that it is uncanny.  This little girl, who stole your heart and your energy by the end of each day, brings smiles to you that you never imagined possible.  She lights up every room she walks into.  This is motherhood.

Then there’s fatherhood, an often overlooked and misunderstood venture.  But fatherhood’s sum is in the little things that will make the biggest impact on a little life.  Daddy’s there at the end of a long work day to cuddle.  He’s there for a ride on the shoulders.  He’s there for special swimming pool dates with his littlest love.  This littlest love, who loves to dance and sing the Baby Shark song, has stolen her Daddy’s heart.  But don’t worry,  he’s certain there’s room for baby brother coming soon!

And just in case blog followers recognize this little peanut, here she was 1 year ago…

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