Jen and Keira

Jen wanted to make memories with Keira, while preserving this sweet time in their mother daughter relationship.  What better way than a mother daughter Unveil your Cinderella portrait time? I can’t help but think how precious this will be to Keira when she one day has her own children.  And to Jen when she holds her first grandbaby…ok, mabye I’m getting ahead of myself but I just can’t stop seeing the stories unfolding before me and where they are headed…


Watching Keira throw the tulle in delight and giggle while dancing with her Momma, it was impossible for me not to wonder how Keira will remember this day.  The laughter these two shared made it clear that memory making is a top priority in the Middelton home.  It’s also why they are HUGE Disney fans. (last collage image pays homage to that love with some canvases dad created for their shoot)

Dad especially appreciated what we locked down of his favorite girls because he is also an artist.  He saw the girls he loves most in this life through the eyes of someone else who saw the art in them.  Interested in locking down the beauty in your own life?  Contact us for your own session.

When we selected portraits, Jen mentioned that Keira often falls alseep on her like I had posed them in the 2nd portrait. Then lo and behold, little Ms. Keira fell asleep on her dad during the View & Choose appointment.

Anyone with older children knows how fleeting those times are.  I couldn’t help but watch and wonder, how many years are left that she’ll snuggle into her Momma and Daddy like that?  What a beautiful thing to behold–a child so at rest and peace to just fall asleep cuddled into her father who calls her Princess.

If you’d like to learn more about your own Mother Daughter Unveil your Cinderella portrait time, we’d love to chat!

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